Previously from story [569]: I'm sure that my symptoms intensified as we have been planning to do some long walks and were trying out pre-packaged and dehydrated foods (all containing 635). Ironically I was going to go on a course of prednisone to dampen it all down so that I could walk, while I would've been eating the very thing that is causing the problem.

Update: I did the Jatbula Trail (six day hike in the NT) last month and ate well without taking any commercially prepared dehydrated foods. Since avoiding flavour enhancer 635 my condition has improved 99%. I still occasionally get small outbreaks of itchy welts. I haven't needed to take any Claratyne or use topical hydrocortisone cream as these mild outbreaks generally settle overnight. It hasn't been too difficult to avoid, mainly changing types of crackers and avoiding precooked
chickens, sausages, frozen lasagnas and pies. The kids are onto checking out all the labels now too and we have stopped nearly all precooked sauces and anything that has an oversupply of numbers on the ingredients list even if it doesn't have 635. I am extremely happy as it is no longer a daily problem and the solution has been very easy. Eat mainly homecooked whole foods and cut out the processed products! – by email, NT