I came across your fantastic website in my search to find out what was causing my 19 year old son’s hives and angioedema. As a baby he was intolerant of formula and soy, and had an anaphylactic reaction to penicillin. He is now 19, and has been very healthy up until a couple of months ago. He awoke one morning and his upper lip was quite swollen, he had no other symptoms, it was quite bizarre and the swelling lasted for 24 hours. One week later the same thing but this time it was his bottom lip. Being a typical young man he didn't see the need to go to the doctor. Then three weeks ago he awoke one morning covered in a rash and very angry looking weals all over his body, swollen eyes, lip, ear and even his arm. He went to the doctor who said it was an allergic reaction to soap, deodorant or washing powder etc. It took nearly 10 days for his body to return to normal. He has since had another 3 attacks, the swelling hasn't been quite as bad, but still present. I did not believe that the doctor had any idea and I was sure it was something that he was eating. So I started keeping a food diary and we had managed to narrow the offenders down to four things. Then I found your factsheet on ribo rash, which I am positive is what he has. I have always tried to feed the kids a balanced diet, meat, chicken, fish, fresh fruit and vegies, junk food is a rare treat. I was absolutely astounded when I went to my cupboard and started checking labels. One that really caught my eye, that I had assumed was a fairly healthy choice of snack was seaweed rice crackers, yes there it is clearly on the list of ingredients, 631 and 627. Then on the front I looked at the packet again, ahhh, seaweed FLAVOUR!! Maybe you could put this on your nasty foods page. – by email