[594] Amazing changes in difficult two-year-old (November 2007)

I was recently on a forum, having a whinge about my 2.5 year old son, and how terribly difficult he is. I was asking advice on ADD and ADHD. A lady on the forum offered to lend me your books ‘Fed up’ ‘Fed up with ADHD’ and the cookbook. I took her up on this offer so as not to appear rude, but have to admit to thinking ‘It's not going to help me’. I started reading ‘Fed up with ADHD’ first. Well, you could have substituted your daughter's name for my son, your name for mine and
so on. I nearly cried.

After that, I was determined to start Failsafe. It was pretty daunting, and I have made many mistakes. I have been doing it for about 3 - 4 weeks now. I still haven't gotten it right, but even so the difference is amazing. My defiant son is starting to listen and follow instructions! I was able to take him grocery shopping and he walked next to me putting items in the trolley. He never screamed, ran off, threw a tanty or pulled anything off the shelves! This has never happened before!

My husband gave him vegemite on toast yesterday (I was outside feeding the >animals) and within 3 hours he was right off. Last night he woke frequently, screaming and running through the house. He was up super early and has been non-compliant and very annoying all day. He used to eat vegemite daily!

I wanted to thank you for your books and for sharing your story. I'm so glad that I gave it a go. It has made such a difference to our lives in such a short time.