[595] Filling our house with laughter (November 2007)

My husband and I watched a news program on the children at Nana Glen Primary School. We were so impressed we thought we d try it with our two boys, aged 10 and 6. Both boys suffer with asthma and croup and both are very loud and active. Our oldest has always found it very hard to go to sleep, most nights he was still up at 11.30pm. We’ve tried various relaxing techniques, CDs, quiet reading and after two weeks on the diet he is asleep in 15 minutes. Fantastic!!!!! He is happy to sit quietly with a book and wants to talk about stuff going on. The standard answer I used to get was ‘nothing’s wrong’. He was always so sad and serious about everything. The biggest change has been him giggling and throwing his arms around his dad and saying ‘I love you guys’.

Our 6-year-old has been a very emotional child. Always close to tears, unable to put into words what is making him frustrated, angry, and teary. Now he is talking about how he feels and reasoning with other children rather than coming to me crying. They are both filling our house with laughter once again.

We bought your failsafe book and the difference in our boys is amazing, to the point of other people are commenting. Thank you for simplifying all the numbers and facts and giving us back our two beautiful boys who for a long while had been lost.

My husband and I now sit on the couch and listen to the sounds of two boys playing well together and enjoying each others company, no more fighting to the death near enough. - by email  from WA