I am an ordinary person in the community who happens to believe the work you are doing is fantastic. I have therefore nominated you for Australian of the Year. I hope you don’t mind. I included the following in the nomination:

‘I have been a follower of Sue Dengate's books/website regarding the effects of food additives on the health and behaviour of people, particularly on children.

‘I recently viewed a story on Sue educating six-year olds in schools to eliminate harmful food additives. The children were intelligently choosing appropriate foods from the supermarket and school tuckshop. Grades went up, detentions were almost eliminated. Children were happy and well behaved.

‘Apart from the obvious benefits to the health of the children, and making life easier for parents and teachers, this has many long-term benefits. There will be little need to target obesity, as the foods that contain harmful additives are mostly the same foods that cause obesity. Health problems in children and later into adulthood will be greatly reduced.  This would do more to reduce the load on the hospital system than any federal or state government could ever do.

‘Our kids are our future.  I cannot think of a greater contribution to our society than educating children to be intelligent about the food they eat, and to be aware of the consequences and results of their choices. Please refer to following website for further information:  http://www.fedup.com.au'  - Helen, by email