Thank you so much for your factsheet on food additive 635! I have numerous food sensitivities and am very careful to avoid MSG in particular as it causes a more severe case of hives than most others. I live in the United States, and it's extremely difficult to find packaged foods that DON'T contain MSG here.

My parents live in Tasmania, and my mom went out of her way to find a French onion soup mix to send me that didn't contain MSG, since I couldn't find one here. I used it to make dip last week, and by the next morning I had dozens of patches of hives all over my body. Since it was the only thing I'd eaten the previous day that was different, I double checked the soup mix packet and saw "flavour enhancer 635". I'm out of touch with Australian food labelling after being gone for 11
years, so I wondered if this was actually MSG. When I pulled up your fact sheet, I was surprised to find that it wasn't MSG, but now I know that I need to be careful of ribonucleotides also!

For the last year and a half, I've been avoiding MSG almost entirely - I'll occasionally take a calculated risk and allow myself some flavoured chips or ranch salad dressing. My most recent bout of hives was the 635 reaction, which began about 8 days ago, within 12 hours of eating the soup mix. Today is the first day they've been completely gone since then. The hives appeared in all my usual places - fingers, hands, arms, chest, neck, back, stomach and face. The reaction was definitely more severe than my usual MSG reaction - more/bigger patches of hives, more intense itching, longer lasting, resistant to my triamcinolone ointment, and faster to appear. Normally, I could eat a single-serve bag of flavoured corn chips (such as Doritos) and it would take 24-36 hours for a reaction to occur, and most often only the backs of my hands, fingers, and face reacting. The hives would usually go away within 2-3 days unless I had an additional dose of MSG. Thank you for helping me to identify more items to add to my "do not eat" list! – Wendy, USA