Your book and your website have saved us the agony of months (perhaps years) of trial and error. Our beautiful 8-year-old is back to normal after a year in the wilderness where we wondered if she was depressed, had an eating disorder or a mood disorder.  I am certain that you have heard this story a hundred times over. – by email, Qld

I react to salicylates with pain in my joints, also I get very tender, raw skin in my genital area and intercourse becomes very painful. I saw you mention sore vagina in children - makes me happy to know I'm not the only one - I have always felt like a freak - so thank you for your books - they have helped me tremendously! - by email

My partner is pregnant at the moment, and we worked out that what gives her morning sickness is foods high in amines. It’s amazing hey, how at important times (or when very little) our bodies are capable of sending us clear signals that say "This is poison. No more please"... it's even more amazing that people seem so unbelievably blind to these signals.- By email (we would like to hear from anyone else who has seen a link between food intolerance and morning sickness:
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Our allergist said there are billions of dust mites living in the mattress and vacuuming it is like ‘taking a bucket of water out of the sea’. I highly recommend the Allergend all cotton anti-dust mite mattress, pillow and doona covers. Using these helped my four kids a lot.' - Heidi from the failsafe eczema group

I recently saw the dietitian who entered my son’s typical daily diet into a computer program - it turned out that he is getting very adequate nutrients in his diet except for calcium which was quite low. However, he is now enjoying rice milk and I add calcium powder to milkshakes so I am not concerned about his nutrition. – Louise, Qld

"I have been living with Sue's Failsafe Cookbook for the last 18 months and it has changed my two-and-half -year-old's happiness in his daily life. His eczema on his face, arms and legs went a few days after stopping salicylate and amine laden foods. I stumbled on the book by accident in my shopping centre as I was on the look out for anything that could help with my son's symptoms. Thanks to both of you for your work" - Jane by email.

Our children have been failsafe (with a few slip ups) since Jan 2008. To make it brief, remarkable change, still work to be done a few mistakes still being made by me however. An example of change, our pediatric neurologist doesn't feel the need to medicate our son as previously thought and doesn't need to see him anymore due to your diet. He congratulated us on our efforts and to my shock he said 'make sure I look at his amines and wheat!' - Leesha, Qld by email.