"I thought I would let you know that one of the dietitians recommended on the list you kindly mailed me was extremely helpful and was exactly the help I needed with the elimination diet I had begun. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I think it is too difficult to complete an elimination diet with just an outline of the diet from the doctor (as it was in my case) as your only guide" - Donna, Qld

"Failsafe (in a nut shell) saved our daughter and family! Thank you for the change in our family and quality of life for our daughter!!!!  It means so much to have people like you out there!!!" – Angie, USA.

"We have been following failsafe since November last year and the changes have been wonderful. If there is an occasional slip-up then we know about it! My son doesn't have violent tantrums any more. He still gets upset over things, but we can reason with him and he calms down quickly. My daughter doesn't wet the bed unless she has salicylates so we can minimise that." - Alison, NSW.

"Your work is very admirable and I personally thank you for educating me about food and their effects on our health / behaviour. You both deserve an award for what you do!" - Kelly, QLD is this one too many Your work type comments?

“It's of comfort (and inspiring) for me to know there are others doing FS, GF, DF and low fructose” – by email - see our new fructose malabsorption factsheet

“Regarding chemicals not food: my son had an allergic reaction to the current Auskick brown and yellow striped socks. I forgot to wash the socks before he wore them (as recommended by the manufacturer). He got hives on his feet and ankles” – Lara, by email

“Your books and the Failsafe Network are huge lifelines for me with my 2 year old daughter who has IBS reactions to a wide range of foods and food chemicals” - Janelle by email