I do wonder if what mainstream media call the epidemic of depression is in fact an epidemic of food intolerances/sensitivities (or if I want to be more inflammatory, the poisoning of modern mankind!)  And ADHD?  I can only assume that a large proportion of children diagnosed with this in fact have the same kind of intolerances as our daughter.

When our 9 year old has consumed nitrates or other preservatives she becomes what I could only describe as deeply depressed, highly irritable, intolerant to noise and these days, self destructive. Any errors we have made in food the last months have led to her to:

- Attempt to jump off a balcony
- Scratch her nails deeply into her legs
- Bang her head on the refrigerator
- Threaten to kill her self.

No one who knows this child at school would believe that this is what we endure at home when she accidentally gets the wrong ingredients. Interestingly she will hold onto this behaviour at school and explode with it at home, if her diet has a hiccup earlier in the day.

Failsafers will know the rest of that story - tuck shop is off limits, birthday parties are a no no, all the other children in the family complain about the items (ice cream) that they can no longer have.  - Amanda, by email