We've just finished a great 3 1/2 week driving holiday around Queensland (7000km with my hubby and my mum and dad - and we all survived thanks to FS food no doubt!).  We only went out for dinner twice and we all went failsafe for most of the holiday. We all commented on how good we felt for the whole holiday - none of that feeling of being sick of ‘bought’ food that we used to get and no crankiness or tummy upsets. It did require a bit of planning and pre-cooking and because we didn't have a freezer in the vehicles, we had to make sure to book self-contained cabins with a freezer and cooking facilities so that we could restock the esky every few days. Overall it worked really well but a little fridge/freezer unit in the car would have made life a lot easier. That'll be the next project for my hubby!

The trip was great - it would be fantastic if other people could pass on their experiences about how they maintain their diet when travelling - especially those going gluten-free. – Jodie, by email (send other failsafe holiday reports via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.