I had to email you to say THANK YOU for saving my sanity!

My 2 yr old was having some terrible behavioural problems, in the form of waking up either from her day sleep or night sleep in an absolute distraught state. She would be inconsolable and it would go on for nearly an hour until I could somehow ‘break’ it. I could never predict what mood she would wake up in and I dreaded it every day. I described her as being ‘locked in’ and I couldn't reach her. Her eyes would glaze over and nothing I did could snap her out of it.  All I could do was let her burn out. I knew something wasn't right because why should any child wake up in a tantrum?  But it was worse than a tantrum.

Thankfully I mentioned it to the right mums at playgroup who got me onto your book.  What an eye-opener!!!!  I think every mother should be discharged from hospital with their baby under one arm and your book under the other arm!

After educating myself with your book, I ransacked our pantry and threw away about 50% of what I had. I found the Vegeta seasoning I used nearly every night on our dinner was full of MSG. I found the cheesy rice crackers the girls were having every day were also full of MSG.  This was not good.

However, I finally pinpointed what it was that made her so volatile - amines!!!!  She was having bananas and grapes every day, some days she would even have two bananas.  I quickly banned these two foods and the difference in my child was amazing.  She now wakes up a happy child!  Recently I let my guard down and let her have bananas again and saw the effects after about 4-5 days of having one each day.  I even suspected she was having night terrors. And then I remembered the amines! After three days of no bananas, she was back to her usual self.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! – Pauline, QLD