I cannot begin to thank you for all your work!!  I am only nearly 3 weeks into our Elimination Diet (sal, amines and glutes) and was suddenly confronted with this!!!  The first picture is an example of my 6 year-old daughter's regular colouring, perhaps 2 months ago. The next 2 are in the last couple of days. I don't need to explain this to you, do I!  I was not paying much attention while she coloured and I suddenly realised what I was looking at. Complete, solid colour. Thought put into which colour she'd use. I would hardly have believed she did it, but I saw it happen!

To be picky, if you look at Spot's hat and the horse's head, you can see that she gets a little 'fast' there.  This was on a day when she was 'out-of-sorts' and she finally told me she'd had a chocolate muffin at school.  As she sat down to colour I was disappointed she'd chosen to finish this one because I felt that she'd now wreck it.  But I see it serves a good little 'illustration' for me.

Something this tangible was fabulous to have as I think I may have converted my in-laws!!!  They felt she just needed more vegies. ha ha. – by email, Melbourne