We avoid McDonalds soft serve since our 5 yo son had a reaction in the evening after eating a soft serve with cone in the afternoon. It had been the only thing he had eaten that day that we could think had caused it. After reading Failsafe Newsletter #60, we tried the Maccas soft serve again without the cone (in a plastic cup - upside down sundae lid). The reaction was less severe but still there. He was affected about 4 hours after eating the ice-cream both times (with and without the cone). This, for him, is typical for colours. Our normally quiet son bounces, jumps, shouts, makes silly loud noises, blows raspberries, uses nonsense words, and generally just can't sit still. The acute reaction generally lasts about an hour. The icecream without cone caused a shorter period of the acute reaction, with less volume and intensity. Probably lasted about 35 minutes and was more bearable but still consistent with the typical reaction he gets from colours. Peters Original and other failsafe varieties (eg Sara Lee and the organic ones) have never caused the same reaction. – Susan, Qld

(Can you help: we would like to hear from any failsafer who has observed a reaction to McDonalds soft serve (no cone) – same day or next day? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)