I have been mostly sticking to the low salicylate veggies but had snuck in some Chinese greens last week, and we had some reactions. I had assumed that Chinese cabbage (wombok) was like other cabbage … Never assume!  Vera, by email. ((Previously all classified as moderate salicylates, Chinese cabbage (Wombuk) is classed as low in the new RPAH Elimination Diet Handbook (2009), but other Chinese greens now range from bok choy and pak choy (moderate in sals) to Chinese broccoli (Gai Ian, high in sals & amines) to Chinese spinach (Kang Kong) and some others (all very high in sals & amines) - you can request our Salicylate Mistakes information sheet: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)