[862] 129: Bedwetting and behaviour problems due to Ibilex (Keflex) with artificial colour Allura Red and flavour (November 2009)

Just writing to tell you about my son's reaction to an antibiotic called Ibilex (keflex) suspension, for a recent chest infection.

On the elimination diet we have discovered a new child. Finally able to sit still in class and concentrate, no shouting out or disruptive behaviour and dry at night!

While he was on the antibiotic, the teacher informed me that our son’s behaviour had deteriorated. He was oppositional, loud, unable to sit still and disruptive. At home the bedwetting started again and his behaviour had also deteriorated but I had not made the connection, I put it down to him being unwell.

As I was giving him his dose one morning I was staring at the pink mixture and it finally dawned. I rang the GP immediately and sure enough it contained Allura Red. It took about a week to get him dry again and his behaviour to settle. – Helen, by email (Allura red is artifical colour 129; also contains bubblegum flavour. A compounding pharmacist can provide medication without nasties, see our Medication factsheet - S)