You have saved my son's life quite amazingly. He is a completely different child. He has gone from terrible to angel.

I saw your DVD and was amazed at the story about a toddler who used to scream for long periods of time. My son is 3 now and had been screaming extremely since he was able to start eating. He would scream and hit and become very aggressive and defiant. I tried absolutely everything and I have had quite a bit of professional training in managing behaviour and still struggled with him.

I am sure that if I did not see your DVD he would have ended up on some kind of horrible medication and under some private psychiatrist. I could just see him being exactly like the juvenile offenders in the DVD or worse but he is now a normal child and a perfect angel.

I am so surprised at how much difference it has made, this diet really works if you just do it properly. It is really hard at first to know what to put on sandwiches etc ... but it gets a lot easier as we go along. I never really understood diet affecting behaviour before and thought it was only really applicable to those who just persisted to feed their children fast food all the time. - Charmaine, Perth WA.