My 7 year old daughter has reactions to flavour enhancers which cause a rash across her body. Her first reaction that I could pinpoint was to Chinese food that she ate around 5-6 months ago. She has been getting small rashes for the last couple of years, but I have never been able to pinpoint what was causing them. We had Chinese one night and a couple of hours later she had a severe rash all over her body. My first reaction was something in her bed, so I put her in my bed and the next day the rash was gone. That day we had left over Chinese for tea and the rash appeared again. So I looked on the internet about what may cause it and everything pointed towards MSG. Once I cleaned out my cupboards of flavour enhancer foods, the rashes stopped. She has had a few reactions since such as hamburgers from Woolworths which said flavours on the packet, but no codes.

Your site helped me to pinpoint what was happening to her, and her doctor thought your site was very useful.

Two months later:

For about 4-5 years my daughter has suffered a lot of constipation, normally to the extreme where it would be days that she would go without a bowel motion, and when she finally did she would take ages and be in a lot of pain. Since taking flavour enhancers out of her diet, the bowel motions are normal.  - by email, SA