About 3 weeks ago we decided to do a "mini" salicylate challenge with our 5 year old twin boys as it had been 8 months on the diet, and we thought we'd just give it a go, just to see (salicylates are our biggest difficulty when it comes to things they really WANT to eat). So they had things like a bowl of berries with icecream, a few Pink Lady apples, some pineapple etc over the week. By the end of the week one had tonsillitis (had not had it since we began the diet) with a vengeance. He hit a high temp of 40.1 degrees, and his tonsils were bigger, and more pus-filled than ever before! Three days later, his brother came down with it ... same, worse than ever before (he hit a new record high temp in this house of 40.3 degrees).

Anyway, thought you'd be interested. I'm convinced that the salicylates caused a shock to their immunity ... and hello, back to tonsillitis. Thankfully our GP is now convinced that the diet has made a huge difference also ... and was very glad to help us find alternatives for medication that did not have preservatives in them.

The one thing I will say is that we feel particularly vindicated regarding this diet. We know we are now doing the right thing, and certainly have some 'proof' now for all of those who don't understand or believe why we are doing this with our children. - Jenny M, by email