I've just found your Fed Up website and want to say how amazing I think it is. I was put on the Friendly Food diet from the Royal Prince Alfred and it has helped ... thanks for all your hard work. I feel like I've discovered a gold mine. It’s like finding friends who actually understand what you're talking about - Aviva, NSW

Failsafe gave me the freedom to live and enjoy what weren't hard kids to enjoy, just challenging at times. My best moment would be when our 4 yo trouble child sat with a recently broken arm, very tired waiting for panadol and dinner, quietly no whingeing and playing a game of junior scrabble with his brother.- Karen, Qld

Thanks a million for all your work - our family would not function without you! – Lisa, by email

Our dietitian only recommended Friendly Food as a cook book and although it is a lovely cook book for adults, it is next to useless for young families. Her comment on the Failsafe Cookbook was that she didn't really know it (ie knew of it, but hadn't looked at it). I wonder how many families go through her doors and come out feeling hopeless regarding ideas for practical cooking - by email

My 2 yo daughter and I are still on the diet (12 months now) and are doing really well. As time goes on I am increasingly coming to terms with accepting that this diet works wonders for me and it is simply what I have to stick to - by email, Vic