I have been receiving your newsletters for several years now and am impressed at the scientific rigour you apply to your research and recommendations. It gives your work significant credibility in this very under-recognised area of clinical practice - a medical doctor, Sydney

I have your Failsafe Cookbook as well as Friendly Food and have already saved money on medication for migraines that I have suffered from all my life and which have just gone away in a matter of weeks. – by email, Qld

After reading your article, I took the time to check the food additives in bread and found 282 in the IGA brand cheap bread, so I thank you for drawing my attention to this. - Silvia, NSW

We’re not ready to start our elimination diet. However we have eliminated honey and peanut butter from our diet and the change over a week was amazing. Our 4 yo daughter became calmer, more animated and happy and she could feel it. - Sarah, NSW

I work with children and I see symptoms of food intolerance all the time. You are really helping to change lives for the better. – Amanda, Vic

I get...really....vague.....with......salicylates......! - mother of three, Adelaide

I don't know where we would be if we hadn't gone down the Failsafe path 5 years ago. - by email, NT

Your books and website are a lifesaver for me and the email groups are brilliant, thank you so much, I would be totally lost without all of this support. – Belinda, Tas

I recently purchased your book The Failsafe Cookbook and this has been a life-saver ... I've now got the freezer stocked with heaps of snacks and meals and stocks and sauces, makes meal time so much easier. You do an amazing job helping all of us "failsafe" families. Thank you! - Jo, by email

"I have to say, ALL children that come to our Failsafe afternoons are really well behaved!! We have more problems with the "normal" kids that visit! - Jenny, NT

What a wonderful network you have created and thank you for having such a wealth of information available on your website. – Briony, by email

635 is the mother of Ribo Rash and in my opinion the worst food additive of all time - Jennifer, Thailand – (more at http://healthybliss.net/the-truth-in-food-labeling-food-additives-to-avoid-hidden-sources-of-msg/ )

When I started to really read food labels, I was horrified by the fact that I was poisoning our whole family - especially with 635 and annatto. Guilt quickly turned into determination to set things moving in a healthier direction and I can already see a vast improvement. – Rose, by email

I wish I had known about food intolerance before - but even if I did, maybe I wouldn't have listened as it wasn't until I saw my daughter start to react that it sparked me into trying to find out what was ailing her. – by email, Qld

I am over my addiction to KFC! I hadn't had it since November last year, then had some last week. Apart from not enjoying the taste at all, I felt quite sickly after one drumstick. My kids didn't like the taste of the nuggets - "please don't make us eat here again". YAY! Score one for the HFC recipe in your book! – Sharon, Vic

I so hope the labelling submission is seriously considered, I feel like I have gained a chemistry degree in the five years we have been Failsafe! In just the last two days I have been approached by another two mums embarking on this journey, and a lot of their questions relate to their confusion over the labelling … numbers vs words along with the issue of unlisted ingredients! – Jenny, NT