I did a colour challenge today with a Black & Gold Icecream cone (102, 110, 133, 155) on my 4 yr old son and within 20 minutes he was jumping around, making silly noises, laughing in a very silly fashion and unable to concentrate on a board game we usually play that he would normally focus on very well. My husband was there this time to witness it (I did it on purpose because the hubs is "cheating" a little with my son a bit too often now when it comes to "other foods"). I saw the look on my husband's face when the realisation hit. I got my point across without nagging. I even asked my son why he thought he was behaving the way he was because he does not usually act like that. I saw my son "try" to calm himself down and to his credit he was able to tone the behaviour down a little but it took over an hour and a half before he was able to settle back to what I would call normal behaviour. There was no anger or stern sounding instructions from me for his behaviour as I knew we had induced it. He was very clingy again too. He just wants a cuddle and tells me he loves me and once he is reassured he is off again bouncing around. Absolutely astonishing stuff. I only wish there had been more family and friends around to see it! – by email, WA