Thanks for your newsletter - the Readers' Stories section is always my favourite bit. - Tony, by email

I had previously looked through your book and believed I already did 'all that' - I cook nearly everything from scratch for my children, it wasn’t until I sat down and read the book and realised that even the margarine I was using to cook my delicious home-made recipes was no good for my son! – by email, NSW

A week after starting failsafe my eldest (3 1/2yr old) stopped wetting her pants which was nothing short of a miracle and has now gone to bed two nights in a row without a nappy!! – Anna, Vic

We have been following Failsafe eating for three months and it has made an enormous change to our 5 year old boy. Pre-diet he was very aggressive and had developed a range of tics, now all the tics have gone and his lovely, funny nature is shining through. So far the challenges that have affected him have been dairy and salicylates – Karen, by email

My husband and I have been a convert to failsafe for 8 or 9 years - my husband heard Sue on radio late in the evening on his way home from work and from that night forward we read labels! Grand-daughter has survived to 13 years of age thanks to Sue – Kay, by email.

Thank you very much for the blood, sweat and tears you have exerted to make life so much easier for those of us who have food intolerances, or who have loved ones with food intolerances - in my case, my husband and daughter - Debra, by email

I am a coeliac, my two sons have coeliac indicators and one has marked behavioural allergic issues. Our home became a far calmer place within just two weeks of beginning the elimination diet. A full night’s sleep from our youngest after 3 1/5 years of multiple nightly wakings is such a gift to us all!! – Vincent, NSW

We are still having positive results on the diet ... it’s amazing, both kids have now added amine intolerant to the list & I am also, I would never have guessed I would have noticed a personal change but I feel great – Deb, by email.

All this just as she gets the bug to learn to cook (finally at 16) all those Masterchef episodes were wonderful. We shall now see if our creativity can extend to Failsafe recipes. - Jenny, Qld

Like the story in newsletter #64, my kids also have reactions to children’s paracetamol - the Panadol brand seems to be the worst for some reason - they become restless, and are then awake most of the night.- Jessica, by email

Please send your paracetamol recipe as our 18 month old daughter seems to get really upset after taking children’s Panadol syrup. – Helen, by email

When researching behavioural issues in my 2 yo daughter and 4 yo son, the information from your website helped me to work out that annatto in the Nestle brand yoghurt for kids was sending them off. – Rose, by email

I am reading your book 'Fed Up with Asthma' and finding it very enlightening. You have included so many alternatives to problematic chemicals and additives to make life liveable. – by email (Fed up with Asthma is out of print but available in libraries. Otherwise, see chapter 7 in the 2008 edition of Fed Up).

I had some bacon the other day and sure enough, the next day I had a migraine. First time in a long time. That has confirmed to me that this is definitely a trigger for my migraines. I also had pre-migraine thirst and a craving for sugary food. – by email

My husband is an amine responder and reacts to chocolate with gout like symptoms.- Rose, WA

My child (on coloured antibiotics) is like a kid on speed today - screaming and yelling, hitting her sister, breaking trees and generally being violent and frustrated at every little thing. I'm taking her off the medication in the hope she will get better on her own as the alternative is not pleasant for anyone, herself included. – by email

Unfortunately I was unable to attend your seminar in Port Lincoln. A few of my friends went and told me how wonderful you were. I borrowed your book Fed Up and read it in two days - unreal! It has been like a light switched on in my head! I also borrowed the DVD and watched it twice the same day!! We have made a few changes, and already I can see the change in my son! - Kylie, SA