I was just reading in your newsletter a reference to probiotics and thought I would share my daughter's story briefly. In short, she was diagnosed with dairy allergy at 8 weeks, and was finally skin prick tested at 12 months (after Dr's said it would never show up). She had a huge reaction to the skin prick and was promptly issued with an epipen etc. She is also allergic to soy. Her very understanding and experienced gastroenterologist (she has reflux and GI issues as well) suggested that Lactobacillus GG (available in Aust in Vaalia Yoghurt only) had been shown to assist resolution to food allergy. We imported some from the US (called Culturelle there) and she tolerated it very poorly. Her Dr found out that there was a tiny trace of dairy and this reacted with my daughter.

At the end of last year, in desperation because my daughter's quality of life was so poor, we thought we would give Inner Health Plus dairy free a go. It made an enormous difference to her- she started eating again and was not in constant pain. Today she was skin prick tested again with no reaction to dairy. We are about to do patch tests to look for non IG-E allergies- but this is at least a step in the right direction. As dairy allergy is largely outgrown by the age of four, it could just be a natural resolution, but I wonder if the probiotics helped, because it certainly made a huge difference to her life in many other ways. – Sara, by email