[1127] "I had no idea what was causing the headaches, foggy head, and ringing in my ears" (September 2012)

After going to Sue's talk I have read the Fed Up books and cut out salicylates and glutamates mainly. My headaches have almost disappeared in a week! (I have had a constant headache/migraine basically all year!). I have also had loud ringing in my ears, pressure in my head, pins and needles down my arms and hands, fatigue, foggy brain all symptoms are improving. It's amazing!!

I am definitely feeling a lot better avoiding salicylates (mainly all fruits (except pears) & tomatoes at the moment), amines as much as possible (no supermarket meat and careful choices at the butcher), wine, glutamates (making my own stock instead of using "Campbell's Real stock" (which I thought was ok, I didn't realise yeast extract was bad!) and not using any soy sauces etc). Every time I slip up and have something I shouldn't, I get a headache within 12 – 48 hours later. It's quite easy now to trace it back to something I've eaten, which is a good thing as I had no idea what was causing the headaches, foggy head, and ringing in my ears a few weeks ago. I haven't had any pins and needles in my hands now since eating 'failsafe'.

I have also decided to go 'gluten free'. I have suspected for many years that I could be a little gluten intolerant and avoided eating bread mainly. However, I have noticed that lately oats have been upsetting me too! The gluten free muesli, muesli bars and other recipes in the book are fantastic!

My family are really enjoying all the different recipes that I have been trying and don't seem to be missing tomato based sauces (which we had quite often). We haven't come across a failure yet! I love cooking and trying new ideas. We very rarely have take-away food or packaged, highly processed foods so eating 'failsafe' hasn't been a huge, radical change for us. - Jenny (Melbourne) by email