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Before coming across your site trying to understand a reaction to Lay’s Bar-B-Que potato chips, I’d been tested for food ‘allergies’ and have experienced increasingly severe rashes since 2008, when I had the mother of all skin reactions that lasted for several months (chronic hives (uticaria), swollen, droopy eyes, and rashes) .  The doctors simply diagnosed eczema and food intolerances and said there was no cure.  Well, SOMEthing changed to suddenly cause all these reactions ­ I just felt I should be able to ‘change it back’ somehow.

I now know that MSG, yeast extract, and of course the disodium guanylate E627 and disodium inosinate E361 (found in those evil Lay’s potato chips) are absolute triggers for me.  It’s difficult to avoid, but the good thing is I know now and can avoid feeding these excitotoxins to my family.  I’m outraged at these chemicals being added to our foods  Excitotoxins, in addition to making foods delicious, frequently cause permanent nerve damage ­ is it worth it??  Not for me, but for the companies that make these foods, YES because they taste good so people buy them.

Thank you for this information !   I'm including some pictures of this rash in varying stages of severity; you're welcome to use them on your site if you wish.  - Jodie