I found a great dietitian through your website and can't recommend her highly enough.  She was smart and compassionate, up with the details and yet practical.  Nothing loopy or vague about her, and yet she understands when feeding a child you really need some options you can make spreadable!

I also want to share that after 3 years of seeing a gastroenterologist with encopresis, my 7 year old son was CURED after five days on the diet.  My husband who was initially a little bit sceptical (although supportive of trying) is also totally amazed after seeing the results, and telling our friends about our success with the Failsafe diet.  Our son's whole personality has changed now that he doesn't have a sore tummy and solidified poo all the time.  I hope that one day soon there is a refereed medical paper on this, as there are so many specialists saying "it's only anecdotal".   I have to say that the dietician said she has rarely seen such a quick response so we may be somewhat unusual.  Our son also had strong negative responses to the challenges we did later on (although each one took about 5 days to show).  In fact after the amines challenge we could not get him feeling healthy and having normal bowel movements again without a laxative "washout".  We have decided to keep him on the strict elimination diet for six months before we try to do any more challenges. 

Interestingly, although my husband and other son found no changes on the elimination diet, I felt better than I had for years and have chosen to follow the strict diet unless I am eating out with friends.  Both salicylates and amines (and I suspect sulphites although have not bothered doing a specific challenge) affect my mood, and muscle fatigue and pains I have lived with for years.  I have been a functional parent and employee as viewed by outsiders, but insiders know how much I struggled to keep it all together.  Things are much better now on the diet.

Thanks for your great work with the books and the website.  We would never have heard about this otherwise. - Marita