I have had diarrhea for 20 years. I eliminated salicylates one week ago, and have seen a dramatic turnaround! Amazing! ....I've completed three weeks now, with excellent digestion! There was only one exception. We ate out in the mall. Got bad diarrhea. Interestingly, it hit 36 hours later. A delayed reaction, that I've learned from you. Two days to recover. After that, no salicylates, no problems! Consistent good digestion! This is so fantastic! - American living in the Philippines.

That book you sent me has done wonders. His teacher and counsellor just said WOW that diet really is amazing, Tyson is with us on this trip - thanks Kate

Being failsafe is something you have to do before you believe it. I taught a preschool child once who was following the diet to improve his behaviour. I commented that he should have been medicated. Now that my son has been down that road (becoming failsafe for behaviour) my tune has changed. Diet does make a difference. Unfortunately advertising sways opinions - Claire

I am another of those mums whose 2.5 yo went from numerous huge melt-downs a day, very clingy, hitting, defiant (the list goes on...) to a wonderful angel.  I am a bit disappointed that when I've asked for help from a counsellor and my GP, the responses are always about behavioural strategies! - Erin