We now have a new saying in my house – “A-mines turn me into A-Meany”!!

No more chocolate or bananas (or chicken skin) for me, ever. Makes me awful (cranky, reflux, lethargy, tiredness). Luckily I don’t react to salicylates so there is always coffee to fall back on!!

After doing these challenges (I am yet to do food additives etc), my family has begun to realise that there may actually be some credibility to  ‘my crazy diet’ of the last couple of months. My partner, who has anger management issues, is also prone to eating copious amounts of both bananas and chocolate. He is now committed to changing his diet to see if it helps with his angry outbursts! (the people that he works with will be very thankful for this knowledge!)

I have suffered for over 30 years with reasonably mild but persistent issues ranging from reflux, tiredness, foggy brain, itchy skin etc. Doctors have at various times looked at me strangely, given me dozens of blood tests (then ignored me when the tests have come back negative to everything), and tried to prescribe me anti-depressants. No doctor at any time EVER suggested food could be the problem. So far I am intolerant to wheat, amines. Not sure about dairy or soy (will re-test). I feel better than I have ever done (except during the failed challenges!!) and will be forever grateful to your website and the RPAH research.

I may even get on my high horse one day and write a submission to the Government outlining how they can save $1000000’s in medical costs, and increase the productivity of 1000’s of workers, all by modifying the diets of sensitive people. The fact that seemingly so many are affected, and the solution is so simple, yet there is no mainstream push to address this issue, is mind boggling.  Thanks again  - Tamsyn, by email