After four years of incessantly visiting medical professionals in two different continents (yup), I stumbled upon the FEDUP site while researching MSG and food dyes "snide effects", as I had empirically determined their nocivity (“ability or capacity to cause harm”) to my kids.

My 12yo daughter has begun Failsafe two months ago.

She's today mostly free of her blinding incapacitating migraines, sleep apnea, general brain fog and learning difficulties, mood swings, heartburn, bad joints pain‚ which turned her from a dancing, swimming and Tae kwon do competitor into a foul-mooded, sleepy‚ couch potato,  etc... we are currently moving on to tackle her autoimmune Hashimoto, with a very positive outlook. This is the girl that underwent isotopes checks, CTs, MRIs and countless blood tests... the girl we were kindly advised "would not have a really 'normal' life" unless she took medications meant for epileptic and schizoid patients (and how "normal" is that?).

This WE I challenged her with amines (slow cooked meat and chocolate) without waiting for your book to arrive... bad idea all over and she's been home since. But at least we remember it used to be "like that" all the time.

Needless to say, her endocrinologist, gastrologist, ENT,and neurologist, are for the most part dismissing my enthusiasm, or even the causal link with the dietary change. But hey, we don't need them so much any more. Our beloved‚ pediatrician is convinced but adamant that he can't offer parents such a "hard" diet to follow lest he be dubbed a dangerous extremist. And it's for people like him, and the dozens of families he could help, that I'd love Failsafe to become common practice here.

My 7 yo son has gone from a "Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" personality, which included plain meanness, virulent on-and-off‚ ODD, and actual violence, followed by heartrending bouts of crying and heavy "drugged" sleep, to showing the world and his school the all-around nice, bright kid I knew he was, and his honors roll presence is exactly correlated with his "sticking by the Failsafe rules" periods.  Our asthma inhalator sits unused for weeks already. Son's jaw- grinding, bedwetting, sleeves munching, and shouting all kinds of weird "war cries" at the most unbecoming moments, his bouts of self-hitting, his nightmares, are a thing of the past (did I say "thank you" already?). For him too, the amines challenge was... let's say premature - family from France