After seeing the paediatrician yesterday and telling him that I have started on failsafe I was expecting some sort of support from him, not just being told that "there is no evidence that those kinds of things work blah blah blah, but I won't tell you what to do, it's your choice" - Jessy

A lot of paediatricians react like this, it’s not uncommon unfortunately. These paediatricians do not have to live with us when our children are at their peak. Rest assured there are some paediatricians out there that do support and even suggest the failsafe way  - Alex

A lot of doctors do not like the elimination diet. My doctor is certainly one of them - Serena

I had my doctor ringing me and asking me what book I had read because he had a patient like me in his office - Tracy

There is evidence for the RPAH elimination diet, just that most Doctors lump all diets together - Shelly

I am a senior and I have been getting the "there is no evidence blah,blah, blah" reaction all my life and it is so frustrating  - Michele

Some practitioners are only slowly catching up with what naturopaths have been saying for years. After hearing GPs say for decades that studies show no link between dairy and allergies, hayfever, asthma etc (MANY people experience otherwise) there was a program on ABC's Catalyst program last year linking diet and gut health to a myriad of diseases (oh what a surprise). Even the GP that was hosting the program made a passing comment that he had taken himself off dairy after repeated sinus infections. Wow! What an admission/revelation! - Bron

There is evidence. The RPAH is a mainstream hospital, using evidence-based approaches which include diagnostic challenge and confirmation. Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of other diets often recommended, for which there is little evidence, and which simply claim any benefits as due to the restriction without ever checking if it's the diet itself that's responsible. I imagine most are very tired of having people present with all kinds of ideas that they found on the internet - Tracy

I don't even mention food intolerance to Drs anymore. All the ones I have come across (except the ones at Westmead who recommended it) are negative about it. I can see the difference, a huge difference and it makes all our lives much much easier. I don't need a GP to tell me it doesn't work when I CAN SEE results myself. It would just be nice if they were more supportive - Shell

A lot of Drs base a lot of their advice on their own beliefs, old fashioned views that are biased. We are 3 months in massive change. I was worried it wasn't making a difference, but when he consumed amines and went off his dial I can see just how much - Corina

My last paed appt cost $370 (before Medicare rebate) and I left with the advice that 'I don't believe in reflux' and 'there is no point doing elimination diet' as well as 'yes as you've discovered he has issues with dairy, how long do you want to breastfeed, I'll give you a script for formula' to which I replied thanks but no thanks - Vicki

Doctors aren't trained in nutrition! They honestly have no idea - never take nutrition advice from a doctor unless they have additional training. There is a list on line of doctors who also have qualifications in nutritional and environmental medicine - Tara

I haven't mentioned it to our GP as I feared exactly the same reaction. The dietician I saw was wonderful though. I saw a doctor friend last week who had done the diet for her own son (she works at Westmead and diet was recommended by a colleague there for her son's asthma). If only there were more doctors who had this sort of personal experience!  - Aila

I have been told by many doctors and specialists that being failsafe is ridiculous. Apparently I am desperate, all because I have a difficult child and he has autism. Being failsafe is hard, but it has improved all of our lives. It has really improved my son's behaviour too - Claire

My doctor also told me there's no scientific evidence that food has any effect on children’s’ behaviour. I don't need scientific evidence. If my kids eat chemicals... they go nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! End of story.  AND I'm asthmatic... and have been drug free since we eliminated the nasties from "my kids" diets. First time no drugs in 30 years!- Cristi

At an emergency chemist I was given red medicine for my boy. I explained to the pharmacist that my boy has ADHD and was intolerant to red colouring. Thought I would relay the conversation:

Pharmacist: Well it isn't red, its pink so should be ok
Me: Pink is red colouring, he is intolerant to red
Pharmacist: But if you tell him pink isn't red then it'll be ok
Me: No, he can't have anything that is red colouring; red, pink, orange, or purple. If he does he starts spinning around and acting crazy.
Pharmacist: How about you hide it in something
Me: If someone is allergic to nuts, spreading vegemite over peanut butter doesn't make them less allergic. Just like red food colouring.
Pharmacist: Oh, you could mix it with milk to make it paler.

Thankfully at this time a senior stepped in, before I throttled the guy - Julie