My son is 2.5 yrs old. He has wheat and dairy intolerances so his diet is very limited. Lately the day after swimming lessons he is becoming uncontrollable hyperactive and frustrated. I think that the chlorine may been causing these issues. Has anybody dealt with this before and is there anything I could do to control the tantrums?? Overall he is normally a quiet placid child - Alicia

My eldest showers as soon as he gets out for ages, but maybe he just likes to warm up - Amanda

My mr 2.5 is like an annoying mosquito after swimming lessons. We are total elimination diet (2 years now), gluten and dairy too. We have found a magnesium chlorine pool better- he is super violent if he goes near a public chlorine pool. I find an Epsom salt and bicarb bath as soon as we get home helps a lot but it is not immediate. I schedule our swim for 11.30, we come straight home and bath. I let him stay in as long as I can "practice his swimming". He is normally exhausted so I shove some lunch into him- I won't lie, occasionally this is just toast in the bath . Then he will normally have an early afternoon sleep. Wakes up much much more manageable. He is still more busy and poor concentration but less tears and tantrums - Emma

We have this problem too due to our histamine sensitivity. We have filters on bath and shower and drinking water at home and have tried swimming a bit this season using Dermeze as a barrier. Showering well after a swim and a bath with epsom or magnesium afterwards. Avoid playing with tap water outside too - Kim

I'm sure my son reacts to the chlorine too. He just won't stop jumping around and won't listen to any instructions - Nicole

My daughter gets eczema from the chlorine, I use Jungle Brolly skin barrier cream all over her before swimming, I have also read a freshwater shower before swimming helps stop the skin absorbing so much chlorine - Cathy

Epsom salt baths afterwards is good, or someone has recommended an Epsom salt/water solution in a spray bottle to spray on after the shower - Anna

Moisturizing before can also help for the same reason as showering before, even if you don't have a barrier cream - Tracy

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