Day 7 on dairy/gluten & low columns for my 10mth old. I am having trouble getting him to eat. He will happily have pear porridge for brekky but he has been eating very very tiny amounts of food for the rest of the day. I have been offering green beans, potato, crumbed chicken, rice, specially made sausages, vanilla muffins, mummums, rice crackeres, golden syrup chicken, steak, anzac biscuits. What else could I do? He is barely eating. On the upside his stools are normal for the first time in 3-4mths!!! – Katie

Withdrawals were so bad for us, from about day 4 and lasted about 3 weeks!! Make sure you persist as we nearly gave up thinking it couldn't possibly be withdrawals but it eventually calmed down and then was amazing! – Jane

The constant craving of food could be the normal withdrawals... I get them horribly if I have mucked up my diet. – Michelle

Hi just wondering if anyone has any thoughts... My husband started fs & no dairy, wheat 5 days ago & has been suffering really bad headaches, do u think from sals detox? He's tempted to give up as it's far worse than off diet!....Update 5 days later: Also some feedback about his progress, he took the bicarb & water & a long soak in a Epsom salt bath & hasn't had a headache since. He said he feels better than ever now! – Chrissie

Hi everyone, I was wondering about withdrawal also today. After the Christmas interruption I am on day 9 of Failsafe and have had a mild cold, headaches and a terrible fatigue since the beginning of the week. I could sleep forever! Anyone had that? BTW I am noticing that I don't need to go to the bathroom as much as I used to during the night! :-))) – Kendra

Our entire family went on an elimination diet seven years ago because of behaviour issues with our second son (who has oppositional defiance disorder) and to our surprise, our eldest son's behaviour got really, really bad - it turns out he was having withdrawals from the artificial ingredients. By the end of the three weeks I had four calm children and when introducing foods I noticed that the eldest is affected by artificial colours (102 especially - it's evil!), as well as the bread preservative 282, and the second son reacts to amines (gets the ODD symptoms!) and salicylates (vocal tics). Hang in there! – Michelle

My boy was the same. Don't give up. Stay on strict fs and do lots of epsom bicarb baths and caltrate to get through withdrawals. It will get worse before it gets better but for us something clicked almost overnight and suddenly I had a beautiful boy rather than one I had to wrap In a towel to stop him hurting both of us and trashing the house. Behaviour from food intolerance can be way more severe than you would think. I know it now from experience.  Don't give up!!!! Xx - Fran