We found failsafe 12 years ago after an extensive search for alternatives to ADHD drugs that our daughter’s pediatrician prescribed. It was a long and hard road through primary school through the bullying and poor grades and lack of friendships, the exclusion from birthday parties because others thought it was 'too hard' to cater (despite our willingness to provide alternative) but our efforts truly paid off... with our daughter graduating with the highest score in her high school with some great friendships and a confidence that surprises us even today. This system saved our family and our marriage - I cannot express enough gratitude. Hang in there. I just remember how hard it was at the beginning, how many mistakes we made but just wanted to let people know that there is great outcomes and to not give up. Once you find the true intolerances life becomes easier - Donna

I've had a similar experience with my son, didn’t get diagnosed until 15, didn't think he would ever finish high school and if he did I was sure it was going to be a special class for kids in the too hard basket, this year he has started his Year 12 Uni pathway and has goals, such a total turn around to a kid that failed most of his school life, with hatred from teachers, no concentration or focus, more suspensions and phone calls from teachers than I care to remember and yes most importantly the family unit and the stress that it caused. I wish more people would look into what their kids are eating first with behavioural issues, but you can only lead a horse to water like they say. Good for you and your daughter, I wish I had picked it up earlier - Bec

We were the same with our 2 boys, 18 years ago - now my granddaughter is the same sal reactor and 102 reactor as her dad and probably a lot of other things they haven't worked out yet. They have a long way to go as she has just started school but it's so good that I can help guide them through a lot of it. FS was truly the best thing for my family, although we didn't go the full elimination diet and I thank my mum for discovering Sue's original book "Different Kids" that changed our lives all those years ago - Val

It's really sad that teachers can be so negative. I was adhd as a child and mostly outgrew it. Diet was never really considered at the time and I was medicated. I really did feel hated by some teachers and I love running into them these days and letting them know not only did I not turn out to be in jail, but I actually got a degree in medical science and probably have a better life than them - Larissa

Too bad we didn't cross paths back then too. It has been 12yrs since I started on the failsafe journey with my DS and yes! Wish I found it earlier too. He had finished his VCE and currently in second year of animal technology. It has saved us too! - Teresa

And as one of those kids now grown up -- you are giving your child a great gift -- how to cope with these issues for the long term - Kathy

It made such a difference for my two boys to discover our intolerances - their behaviour improved from being "those Camberwell children" to being just part of the crowd. We gave them a fresh start at a new school after being on the diet for about 18 months, and went from having the eldest bullied by both children and staff, to being well behaved and engaging in all the opportunities of school. Failsafe also helped me greatly when I found salicylates were contributing to chronic pain - I'm much better without them. Hang in there, it's worth all the effort - Kylie