I am a frequent visitor to your website as I have a 14mth old boy who is milk protein and food chemical intolerant. Your website is not only of great information but also of great support and comfort knowing that you aren't alone on what sometimes feels like an uphill battle.

My son constantly bangs his head, hits his head along with screaming but always following when something was taken from him so naturally I always believed that he was a determined little boy and was throwing a tantrum but him hitting his head with both palms has increased dramatically.

He is already on a strict diet so I just don't know how to determine whether this behaviour is due to something like annatto or is it just a simple tantrum? He seems to constantly grizzle and seem irritated each day and I am having difficulty finger pointing why.

(after feedback) I have had his diet under control now for eight months and always very careful with anything that is given to him but as you mentioned I was always keeping an eye out for the same reactions as he would previously show in the typical time frame also and did not link the head banging as a reaction. After speaking with his GP and specialist I was told time and time again its normal while tantruming but when he was continually slapping his head I knew it was out of irritation, hence looking into it further. 

Sue I must say, that since discovering my son's condition, I am frequently meeting other mums who mention their child’s consistent irritable behaviour, tantrums and constant screaming. All of which were the same traits my son had for his first six months, and I can't help but think why aren't intolerances discussed and or elimination diets recommended first? I can understand the difficulty of diagnosing however it is medication free and there is certainly no further harm for the child yet it seems as though it's very rarely even mentioned nor acted on - Jessica.

(Sue comment: Heinz biscotti and a soy yoghurt since were identified as culprits. The Heinz UK biscotti no longer contain annatto. Story submitted March 2011)

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