[1344] I passionately believe he never had ADHD just salicylate intolerance (July 2015)

My son's grade one teacher wanted us to get him ˜labelled" for funding to get him extra class support. After a very well written note from her the paediatrician wanted to test him for ADHD and that night I googled ADHD and diet and found you. The very next day I took the shopping list to Woolworths and spent the day restocking our pantry, cooking and making dietician appointments. We fell in love with our son all over again and the last 18 months have been an amazing journey of learning for all of us. Our son still makes poor choices (as all humans do) but I passionately believe he never had ADHD he was just a normal little boy who was moderately salicylate intolerant! - Lisa, by email