[1345] Mandarins “not recommended while breastfeeding” (July 2015)

I'm having several issues with my almost 5 month old bub. He has had green poos now for 2 weeks, lots of snotty noses even though he doesn't have a cold plus lots of dry skin with a small patch on his leg (possible eczema). Previous to this he has been an extremely easy, happy bub that loves his milk (gaining loads till now) and is a fantastic sleeper.

My issue is that he is screaming uncontrollably at my breast atm, my fast let down has him happy till it slows down then he screams the place down. This is usually 2 minutes into a feed. I have tried everything to keep him happy on the breast to no avail, he is hysterical and seems very hungry.

I've been dealing with this for a couple of weeks now but last night he was screaming uncontrollably from 11pm to 4am. So out of character. This time it seemed like pain as he wasn't feeding not interested in feeding. My intuition believes he may be showing signs of a sensitivity to something in my milk. My diet has not changed at all. I was eating mandarins a couple of weeks ago but stopped when someone said they are not recommended when breastfeeding.

UPDATE 3 weeks later ... Well it appears by eliminating tomatoes, salad, avocado, banana and the original mandarins I have a little boy now doing perfect poops! I now believe it was the mandarins that took me over the edge as well as half an avocado every day.- Gabrielle, by email

Sue’s comment:

Other foods that are very high in salicylate & amines include citrus, berries,  dried fruit, grapes, kiwi fruit, passionfruit, pineapple, all fruit juices and fruit flavoured products including jams, avocadoes,  tomato based sauces, herbs and spices including mint, mushrooms, eggplant, spinach, pickled vegetables and vegetable soups, sauces and stock cubes. See salicylates factsheet