"Trying to help my husband to get our new business off the ground in the last twelve months has meant that I have tried to balance on one foot while answering the phone, keeping the kids quiet, educated and entertained while cooking with one hand and cleaning the house with the other. I lost interest in cooking as it was too time consuming. Yes I opted for prepacked, frozen or take away. This as you can imagine was probably the beginning of the end.

My son has always been a problem sleeper, bedwetter, easily angered, always blames others when things go wrong in short impossible to live with. The new school had started to help but then I stopped cooking and everything fell apart. I did not know what to do. I blamed myself for not giving him the time he needed for tutoring (paying someone else is not a financial option). So I started to take a long hard look at myself and decided that I as well as my family needed to start eating better, to exercise more and to spend leisure time together.

The next step was to seek out help from books ... to guide me through the changes I wanted to make. One of the things on my list was a book on nutrition so I stopped at a bookstore. I'm sure that my guardian angle nudged me towards your book "Fed Up". At a glance I knew I would find some answers. I did. Your Rebecca sounds just like my Alex. I thought it was the way we had raised him that we, I, had done something terribly wrong. Scream it from the mountain tops he could have food intolerance. So could Sarah (10 year old) - she has that nasal drip down the back of her throat. Emily (6 Year old) has memory problems like Alex and she constantly chatters on and on and on until I scream for her to stop and they fight all the time.

Well, I purchased your book 22 hours ago and have read it cover to cover. I am going to ease them into the elimination diet over the next week so that they don't get too upset and so that I can diminish my current food stuffs without blowing out our budget. After reading your book and your easy simple recipes I am sure that with this and other life changes that have been set in motion that the light at the end of the tunnel is not as far away as I had thought." - Anonymous