This story is particularly interesting because it highlights the need to do the elimination diet absolutely strictly. One small problem on a daily basis can completely undo the benefit of the diet. Advice from health professionals about trying dietary management "but not taking it too seriously" is counterproductive. For at least three weeks you should take it very seriously indeed, until you find out exactly what the problem is.

Sue ... Thank you so much for alerting us to the incredible array of preservatives and additives etc. in the food we eat and feed our children, completely oblivious to the potentially damaging contents.

I am yet another one of the converted who read your book cover to cover from the moment I picked it up. I am 99% convinced now that one of my 6 year old twin boys is affected neurologically. The case studies were fantastic in relating to the range of effects and most importantly showing us that 1. there is a logical cause and 2. reversals are quite possible.

Jeremy has the classic attention difficulties, social interaction weaknesses and challenging behaviours although nowhere near those of some of the children in your case studies. I would class him as mild, but still there is a very noticable difference to other children of the same age.

I have started him on an elimination diet ... only to be foiled by party food at school which I was unaware of .... so we will start again. [about to see a dietitian]

Thanks again and I look forward to reporting to you very soon that another child and family has benefited greatly from your hard work.

Part 2

- a couple of weeks and we wanted to give the diet a fair trial and report to you the reaction from school after Jeremy returned from school holidays .

We had some fantastic results early on and saw some dramatic changes in social skills, attentiveness, motivation to learn, reading capability and focus to task. We saw a much happierchild who was noticeably gaining in confidence and self esteem . By Day 9 and 10, both his teachers at school and swimming independently noticed the marked change. We then had 2 weeks of school holidays and close management of the diet. We believed we had found that dairy and amines were the most likely causes.

.......At this stage we were absolutely delighted and waiting on the big test of returning to school as an effective independent review by his teachers as we felt he had made significant progress over the two weeks.

On his first day back the comment in his school diary was ......" WOW, What a change" Unfortunately, over the last 14 days we have noticed a gradual reversion to his old ways.... although there is still improvement from before starting the diet. I have documented his food diary since starting the diet and we are now in the frustrating process of trying to work out what is going wrong and what the culprit is. It isn't obvious to us, but something is lurking in there tripping us up.

The most obvious major change in his diet has been moving to So Good Vanilla flavoured drink. I noticed on one of your reports that So Good lite with corn syrup can have a slow build up reaction ..... I don't suppose there are any reports of the vanilla flavoured one having a similar effect ??? [Yes!! - many children react to vanilla, even natural vanilla. If in doubt, take it out.]

Other than this, we are grappling for ideas as to what it could be, especially as we have seen ... for a short time .... what a different little boy he can be. His grandparents and others who he sees regularly are all clearly convinced that there were marked changes .. so it is not just the opinion of wishful thinking parents who saw the dramatic changes.

Thanks again for alerting us to this most fundamental problem ........We're absolutely determined to find the answer to Jeremy's diet so we can re-capture the delightful little boy we saw a glimpse of recently, and remove the obvious frustration he also feels about the reversion. - Di