Part 1

We are finding it difficult to start on the diet properly. Our vegetable garden at the moment is rewarding us for months of hard work by producing large amounts of tomatoes, sweet corn, strawberries and silver beet, it is very hard to pass all these up.

However, when we eliminated all additives - which wasn't many as we have always tried to avoid these anyway - our three-year-old started sleeping through the night every night for the first time - after only two days without two glasses of cordial each day. People said he is just growing up, but when he had commercial bread two days in a row for lunch (we usually bake our own) he woke up in the night on those two days only.

My own experience has been really great. I have suffered from migraines which last for two days every week for years. After five weeks of no additives and no foods high in amines I had not had a single migraine and felt wonderful. Then last week a friend gave us some home cured and dried beef, I couldn't resist. Guess what, a migraine the next day. I am going back on the diet straightaway.

Our 13 year old daughter suffers from asthma and headaches and was becoming what we thought must be normal at her age (withdrawn and sullen). Now she is hooked on the diet. No asthma, no headaches - she feels great and her general attitude to life in general has improved. My husband thought that sitting in front of a computer all day was giving him headaches every afternoon but has now made a connection between his headaches and chilli sauce on his sandwiches and the orange he was eating for lunch.

Our 11 year old son was actually the one we decided to do the diet for. He was extremely disruptive at school, could not concentrate or complete tasks and found it difficult to maintain friendships because he had a very volatile temper in the playground to the extent of injuring other children by throwing bricks, rocks and sticks. If he considered something was unfair he would destroy any cubby houses that the others had constructed. At other times he was a complete angel and couldn't do enough to help others. He is also the hardest one in the family to keep on the diet. He doesn't see his behaviour as his problem, it is always someone else's fault. He was going really well for a week or so then suddenly had an outburst one afternoon at school that his teacher, who is very understanding, could not account for. Later that night when he calmed down it came out that he had swapped sandwiches with a boy who had anchovies on his lunch.

Part 2 (two weeks later)

I've decided that I don't care how much our garden is producing after having two migraines following tomatoes for dinner one night and silver beet another. Both these left me feeling unwell and nauseous for 4 days.

This was also time for a breakthrough with our 11 year old son who also suffered from similar symptoms - as well as behavioural - for a few days after eating the silver beet. He is now aware that there is a connection with the food he eats.