... more news from the family whose story appears in Fed Up, page 329. After enjoying their 3000 km holiday through the Kimberley and the Gibb River Road so much, this family of four have taken time off to travel around Australia and New Zealand - how do they do it?

We are in a truck and a caravan set up so that we can get work along the way. We have two boys aged seven and eight. The eight year old is the food intolerant one whom we thank for showing us the way into learning so much about foods and our own intolerances and how the problems can be solved, even though at first we cursed the situation that he "caused" but now we know better ... and are still learning so much about these situations.

We always stick to the elimination diet or failsafe foods as that is the only way we "survive" so to speak. We have containers in one of the van cupboards with all the raw ingredients such as sugar, milk powder, flour, oats, rice, noodles, rice bubbles, etc and we carry the tinned foods and the bread maker along with the right bread-making mix. It's not hard at all and is quite cheap as it's all the old fashioned cooking ingredients.

We make up many different meals with those ingredients such as pizza, stir-fry with fresh/frozen meats, noodles and the right vegies. We often use cabbage, leek, shallots, green beans, red kidneybeans, rice - and we make up chicken rolls with pastry. We usually only eat meat every second night and our only take-away foods are hot chips once every so often. I try to make muffins and bikkies when I can and we have sponge/butter cakes along the way too. We use a small amount of shredded Mozzarella cheese.

Our meals usually just emerge from what we chop up and cook. We use fresh garlic and we also make up a pot of chicken stock using just chicken carcass, leek, shallot and lotsa water. Then we freeze this all down in recycled Philadelphia cream cheese containers (we have lots of those!) and it stays frozen in the van freezer part of the fridge (two door fridge) even when we are on the road all day and the fridge/freezer is off power. I didn't think they would remain frozen all day but they do which is wonderful.

Travel lots - it's great for everyone - the "travelling eliminators"