May I take this opportunity to say "THANK YOU". I still feel that I'm just a beginner with all this but I am so very appreciative of your efforts on behalf of us all. I also deeply appreciate the hard path you've trodden with your children. It sounds like a very long one, with more than its fair share of pain and loneliness. I can identify with many of the things you share re your experiences with doctors and the medical system ... the not-being-listened-to, the we-experts-know-best, the they'll-get-over it, the put-this-one-in-the-too-hard-basket and so on. Like you, I find the arrogance and indifference is sometimes utterly staggering.

By contrast, today I met a doctor who was so respectful. I found myself thinking 'where are all the other doctors in the world with a bit of humanity?' Then I felt sad that I even thought like that - but it was true. Too often I feel marginalised or discounted as a caregiver for my kids. - mother of 2, NZ