Thank you for writing Fed Up.

A friend of mine showed me your book after I was speaking to her about my daughter and the problems I was having with her.

My daughter was a very short tempered, angry and defiant little 4½ year old. It got to a stage where I was so upset and couldn't understand how my sweet little girl could so easily turn into this nasty little girl.

To cut a long story short, I thought anything was worth a go and so I read your book. We have now been eliminating all the additives and preservatives that you suggest for nearly two weeks and the change in my daughter is just about unbelievable.

We may continue further into the diet as she has a terribly stuffy nose every morning.

Our whole family is now happier and healthier thanks to you.

Thank you so much for being so concerned for other people's health. You have given us our little angel back. - mother, Australia