My 6 yr old son is to be assessed at the end of this month for ADHD but after reading "Different Kids" (I'm half-way through - it's a GREAT book) I *know* what the answer is going to be.

He is an exceptionally bright child who started school this year. His reading, math and long term memory are exemplary. His teacher wrote in his mid year report that she had never met a child so young with such a broad knowledge base (I'm VERY particular about TV etc... - no mindless drivel in our house :-) . It was she who suggested he be tested as she felt his behaviour could easily impede a great potential. The first time she suggested it I brushed the idea to the back of my mind - defensive about a condition I had no knowledge of. The second time she mentioned it I decided to "look into it". I dug about on the internet first, rang support groups, and got hold of your books. Within 48 hours I was convinced she was acting in my son's best interests and the more I read the clearer it became.

I don't want him to be medicated so I am very interested in the elimination diet (I have "Fed Up" too - I just haven't got that far in my reading yet!).

I've suggested "Different Kids" to numerous people (a lot of them strangers) - some with possible ADHD kids and others with so-called "normal" children - purely for the depth of understanding and dignity you assign to "the problem".

Thanks for giving me an insight into my childhood - now I know why I did (& still do) some of the things that I did (& do) :-). - Kim