I have just read your book "Fed Up" and it makes a lot of sense. My husband and I have an 8 year old boy and 6 year old daughter. After reading the book, we realise that our son has oppositional defiance. I spoke to his teacher yesterday. She could not understand that he would behave in any sort of aggressive way or be so defiant at home. She said that he only needs to be told once to do something, never has any problems in class or at school ... We took the family to a child psychiatry service because we were so concerned about our son's behaviour and not being able to discipline him, and also because he has many irrational fears. We had help to get him used to new situations and heights but on a number of occasions were told that his behaviour (when seen by the staff) was "normal sibling rivalry" and by adjusting our ways of dealing with situations we could help change the behaviour. It did help a little. Two weeks ago I decided that we would cut out additives. The Sunday night before I gave the children the remaining packets of Twisties ... of course our son was ballistic within a short period of time. (We never have cordial or fizzy drinks in the house and rarely consume icecream or desserts at home). We had a good week, with no incidents worth mentioning. I did not have to ask him to settle down while he was at swimming lessons! On Sunday I was planning to implement the diet the next day so let the children have a sausage with tomato sauce and bought bread (I have been making my own for a number of years now); also had a small piece of iced sponge cake and a small amount of trifle. Our son went ballistic again and was told to go to room and calm down. He was "escorted" to his room, uncooperative, yelling abuse, head butting, punching, screaming, banging walls – uncontrollable. Next morning he was up bright and early and happy as a bird. In fact in the last nearly two weeks he has been up before my husband leaves for work at 7.00 am whereas before I had to wake him at 7.30 am. He is now getting ready quickly and is very happy – he used to be such a grump that you couldn’t look sideways at him. And this is not quite two weeks! However, last night I cooked a casserole and did all the wrong things. I added tomato paste and soy sauce. The children also had orange juice. This morning our son had his breakfast OK but from then on dawdled and fidgeted and played and was only just ready, with my help, in time to leave for the bus. He was surly and sulky at the bus stop and would not join us but kept kicking a signpost. I would once have thought that this was coincidence but after reading your book cannot think that it is anything but food related. Thank you for showing us that there are ways to help our children. We will give it a proper trial. Thank you once again for showing us a light! - reader, NSW