I bought your book recently at a dietician's recommendation after being diagnosed to have sensitivity to salicylates and amines. It is really easy to read and contains a wealth of information. The dietician was especially enthused about your recipes - she felt they were easy recipes and it was therefore easier for people to comply with the limitations on food types. I agree totally. In my case, the initial symptoms included tiredness and lack of concentration, so it took a while for me to even begin to seriously consider looking at recipes - I started with a fairly standard and uninteresting diet that did not require any mental effort (rolled oats, golden syrup on toast, boiled egg sandwiches, stir fried vegetables). Now, after a couple of months, I am much more alert and awake, and interested in things.

In fact, the reaction checklist was a revelation - it revealed that things I regarded as normal were actually symptoms. And having filled out the checklist initially and again after a week on the diet, I was amazed at the difference ...

It seems from your book and website that children are the main sufferers from food intolerance. However, I know a couple of adults who have intolerance problems ... It occurs to me also that this might provide another avenue, possibly more fruitful, to continue the campaign against food additives, or at least having them tested more fully. When adults are ill, there are direct economic costs in terms of lost work time, reduced productivity, possible workers compensation claims or even superannuation costs due to early retirement due to ill health. Certainly in my case, my productivity has been down for some years due to inability to concentrate.

By contrast, children's behaviour can easily be dismissed with responses blaming parents, children or everything else but food additives. Pursuing the economic costs of irritable bowel syndrome alone may well reveal the true cost of having additives in foods. Further, once it becomes an economic issue, it is likely that further research will be done on the subject, revealing even more information. - David, Newcastle