I just want to tell you how your book has changed our life in just five days! I had two of my children tested for educational problems as they were both very smart but were doing badly at school - just couldn't get it together and were repeating for their lack of progress. The child psychologist offered me a range of books to read whilst I was waiting for the hours to pass and I picked your book up - as I felt I had four 'different kids' without even knowing that it was aimed at ADD type of behaviour. I read the book in one sitting and then reread parts of it, reluctantly I returned it to the psychologist, who mentioned that she had suspicions that at least one of the children was intolerant to certain food chemicals (amongst other problems she has).

I then visited Dymocks and bought both your books - read 'Fed Up' in less than a day and felt ready to tackle the problem - we went shopping and explored what the chemicals were armed with your books and the code breaker book - not much to choose from but it has increased my awareness of how even though we try to maintain a healthy diet the corporations and food manufacturers are slowly poisoning us!

My children have been preservative and colouring free for about five days - a total change in their behavior and willingness to be obedient and cooperative and just really pleasant to be with, our little girl is a joy to be around with no sore belly and no temper tantrums (I have also tried to take her off as many salicylates as possible) - her sense of humour is really coming through. On Christmas day someone (well meaning of course) gave the kids a small bag of sweets and their behaviour change was reversed ... This behaviour is not just observed through me wanting change - we are currently staying with my parents and they too have noticed a difference in the kids and although scoffed at first, are also converts. - Dianne, Hong Kong