I am thrilled to at last found you on 'the net', the reason being my success thanks to your books. I had always suspected that foods and additives were a contributing factor in my son's behaviour and as I have always had a very additive free diet I was at a loss as to what could be reduced from our diet. Unfortunately we were huge fruit eaters. My children were always given a nice peach or whatever was in season, in preference to lollies etc. During the drought year of 1995 we noticed a remarkable improvement in his behaviour, the reason ( as we now know) was that all those lovely raspberries, boysenberries, peaches etc, just weren't available to us.

Anyway I could go on for pages about the struggle to be believed by doctors and all the other professionals we came in contact with, until my mother found "Different Kids". We knew we were onto something and when finally I'd relented and tried dexamphetamine (against my better judgement, just to give me a break), it was not a success and I was determined to try the diet in a really serious way. Term 3 was our trial period, by week 5 I was beginning to despair, not a lot was changing, enter Efalex, and there was a big improvement, week 8 into the combined trial and I was still not convinced until his teacher came out one afternoon and said "what have you done, he is a changed child!" Bingo!

We've stuck with the diet ever since. Of course we lapse occasionally and we all pay the consequences, but it is a good reminder of how bad things were. He is by no means an angel now, but I no longer hate him. He went from a child in a remedial reading class to one of the top 5 in his year over that term. My main struggle now is convincing other parents and medical 'types' that it is worth trying diet before drugs ... - reader, NSW