I am a mother of two diagnosed ADHD boys, ages 13 and 11. Both are on Ritalin and Catapres. They have been on medication for some time, which is a path both my husband and I didn't and still don't feel comfortable with. I bought your book today and read the introduction and part of chapter one, and my mouth just dropped at what I was reading. I read this back to my husband when he came home from work and his reaction was the same as mine. More to the point, it was the very first page when you were talking about Rebecca and her behaviour. My 13 yr old went into the terrible twos and has never come out! Both my husband and I are as the book is titled "FED UP". We have tried many other avenues but to date nothing has worked. I must admit I am only onto chapter two and I am fascinated by what you are saying ... Thank you for "FED UP".