Thank you SO much for your amazing eye opening book Fed Up. My husband and I were FED UP with the doctors recommending that we put our wonderful nine year son on Ritalin when a mum from school gave me your book to read. That was a little over a week ago and we are all on the FAILSAFE diet and for the FIRST time this year our son came home with a Mintie (which of course he told his teacher he would have to check with his Mum if he could eat!) and we have had TWO notes from his teacher to tell us how well he is doing at school. All this when since the beginning of the year he has hardly done a bit of school work. He has dreamt his way through the year! I asked him today if he felt the diet was working and he said that he was no different because he always knows the answers except that now they don't disappear into the back of his head!!!!!!! - reader, Qld