I am the mother of a four-year-old boy who we always suspected of being a little too lively. Lately his behaviour has worsened with very loud and frequent tantrum type behaviours, and despite all the tactics employed such as ignoring these outbursts we were having little success. Last week our local G.P who suggested that we should try a diet ... our son's behaviour has noticeably improved even with the few changes we have been able to implement so far and we are thus eager to continue on this successful road. Our son has not been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder as most of the time he is just wonderful with no problems with attention or concentration etc. Yet these outbursts are very acute and sudden in onset and we are obviously concerned to go out too often as when this occurs as other people disapprove of our management as parents. On one occasion when our son threatened to run out onto a busy road in front of ongoing traffic I yelled out to him to get away from the road as I was not close enough to physically remove him. His tantrum continued and the next day we discovered some person had reported us to the child protection agency as being unfit. As you can imagine this has been the most upsetting part of trying to control his behaviour ... as often people ignore our explanations of his outbursts and refuse to believe a child can act this way. I believe we are excellent parents. My partner is a teacher and I am a nurse yet neither of us are feeling very successful in these roles at present in relation to our own child. Educationally he is doing wonderfully ... it's just this aspect of his behaviour we are concerned about. - reader, email